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[palm-unix-j:00305] Re: Forward: [gnukeyring-discuss] Keyring 1.1 (stable) is out


Keyring for PalmOS の Ver 1.1(stable)がリリースされました。

# 以前、ここでPalmOS 3.1Jむけの議論もいただきました。

Keyring for PalmOSのプラグインの日本語化は完了しており、リリースされています。


Keyring for PalmOS 1.1
(previously GNU Keyring)

Copyright 1999-2002 The GNU Keyring Sourceforge Team


Keyring for PalmOS lets you securely store secret keys and
confidential information on a PalmOS handheld computer.  This
information might include: computer account passwords, credit card
numbers, GnuPG or PGP passphrases, SKey one-time-pads, or phone
banking keywords.

Keyring is Free Software, so you can inspect it to satisfy yourself of
its security, modify it to meet your needs, and share it with your

Records are encrypted using the well-trusted DES3 algorithm on a
master password.  For your convenience, the keyring can stay unlocked
for a time after you enter your master password.

When you need to set a password, Keyring can generate a random
password of specified length, optionally including letters, numbers or

Changes from 1.0:

 * Renamed project from "GNU Keyring" to "Keyring for PalmOS".

 * Added an entropy pool contributed by Jochen Hoenicke
   <https://sf.net/users/hoenicke>, based on the Linux entropy device.
   This makes generated password harder to predict.

 * Ship a tar files containing the sources and a zip files containing
   all binaries.  I hope the zip file will reduce the incidence of
   people confused by truncated downloads.

 * Encryption keys are now stored on the heap, not in a temporary
   database, and are obliterated after use.  The encryption key is
   destroyed after the timeout elapses, and not on the next
   action.  Patch from Jochen Hoenicke.

 * Before the Palm enteres sleep mode, it returns from the edit
   form to the list form.  Patches from Mustafa Kocaturk
   <https://sf.net/users/mkocaturk> and Jochen Hoenicke.

 * Add a lock bitmap to display the state of the database.  Pressing
   it will lock the database immediately.

 * The master key can now be veiled when the data base unlocked.

 * Translations for Dutch, French, Norwegian, Italian and Japanese.

 * Login and Passwords are displayed in a special font to distinguish
   I and l.

Files may be downloaded from:


MD5 checksums (binary mode):

8db8039b693141cab111c57d0ae1cb7f  keyring-1.1-en.prc
7d94767d117a74ec6ab4c70f4b180288  keyring-1.1-de.prc
fa6d8b2bbda1d50018f98217f39d637a  keyring-1.1-fr.prc
568d786fc82d963c6f3118dc41be6476  keyring-1.1-es.prc
463a019e78564dda4cd36cce58cb0179  keyring-1.1-it.prc
850a23e1a778cd67149f42c2178f20e1  keyring-1.1-ja.prc
88c6cc650d4562fa8130428beeabac7c  keyring-1.1-nl.prc
61652f4badf7f9cbf3015c64f4654a89  keyring-1.1-no.prc
5b080d138641d6eb953f4ee35dde5137  keyring-1.1-no_NY.prc
0c272b50f173753a002c0d0947cea7ab  keyring-1.1-pt.prc
a7d66c3900b2eb434a6c08c9fce29e11  keyring-1.1-sv.prc
ab41780bce07270fa5a66a0bc44c46bb  keyring-1.1.zip
285bc67d0cc38eecf3946ab9a60ecdbd  keyring-1.1.tar.gz

Jochen Hoenicke,  New maintainer of keyring for PalmOS.

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