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[palm-unix-j:00235] Japanese input problem and fix (patch attached)

Hi, Judd.   ...  can i call you so?

The bug reports about input problem in Japanese environment comes
from Japanese users. I tried to fix it, so I found some broblems.

I also tune japanese handling functions from v0.99.

major fixes are...

  1.  move char code conversion functions from sync.c to address.c, 
     datebook.c, todo.c and memo.c.
     because in these routines it write to pdb file. (in previous versions, 
     the writing occurs only in sync.c, i think)

  2.  in datebook_gui.c,  change  get_app_info(); ->  get_datebook_app_info();

  3.  japanese.c: tune and safe in memory usage.    

  4.  utils.c: more safe on  multibyte_* functions.

  5.  utils.h: change "if (char_set == CHAR_SET_*) foo();...." to the macros. 

patch is atached.

please check it and merge it to your repository.
Mr. Kawashima said that he can test this code.
He may report you about my code quolity and a test result.



Hiroshi Miura  --- miura@da-cha.org http://www.da-cha.org/ 
CCNA, Oracle Silver Master, Network Specialist(JITEC)